Welcome to seeingpinkelephants*.com

I’m Charlotte. I’m a skincare enthusiast but a critical consumer. I am interested in learning about ingredients and trying out a bunch of new things. Seriously, this is my drawer in my bathroom:

Charlotte's Bathroom - seeingpinkelephants.com

It’s full of everything, backups, testers, samples, hotel amenities. But in particular one brand has captured my attention : Drunk Elephant. It was sold to Shiseido for 845 million dollars. 8-4-5. Let that sink in. (all good skincare should, sorry couldn’t help it!).

So I aim with this site to write about the brand in every way I can. I aim to bring you the best Drunk Elephant Guide there is. What are their products like? Their philosophy? Is there any research backing the claims?

I’ll do my best to search everywhere for all information about DE. If you think I’m missing something, let me know!

*a euphemism for drunken hallucination (but mostly because I didn’t want to register ‘drunkelephantguide.com and thought this was a fun alernative)